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The Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC) project is the next iconic project of Sino-Singapore cooperation after the Suzhou Industrial Park and Tianjin Eco City. The vision of SSGKC is to be a unique, vibrant and sustainable city that is highly attractive to both talents and knowledge-based industries, and to serve as a model and catalyst for Guangdong’s economic transformation.

SSGKC will embody smart, eco and learning into its city. These three major elements underlie and permeate every aspect of SSGKC’s development, making it a hub for innovative knowledge-based industries and an ideal habitat for living.sino

Six pillar industries have been identified for development, namely: Next Generation Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Clean Technology, Next Generation Materials, Culture & Creative Industries, and Science & Education services. In addition to these, SSGKC will also be developing its Headquarters Economy capabilities.

The vision of SSGKC is to be a Magnet for Talent, Enterprise and Industry. It seeks to build a home for all to live, work and play through its strategic initiatives of Smart City, Eco City and Learning City, complemented by software collaboration projects and programmes where Singapore’s experience can be adapted.

Smart City

The SSGKC will be a Smart City, integrating urban management systems, powered by leading information and telecommunication technologies which will drive sustainable economic growth, a high quality of life, and effective management of natural resources.

The Smart City will also provide an excellent test bed for leading edge technologies. SSGKC will exploit Next Generation Information and Communication Technology (ICT), cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop a world class city where residents can live and work in a safe, efficient and resource-efficient environment. The government administration will leverage on ICT technology to optimise the services delivery to residents and enterprises.

Smart Home

Integrating audio control technology, intelligent house system, home and building automation systems into a smart home system enhances the convenience and comfort of common households.

Smart Grid

Modern sensors and ICT integrated into the grid construction provide users with reliable and cost-efficient power supply. The renewable energy will be integrated into the grid to drive district cooling and heating system.

Smart Government Administration

Latest ICT convergence technology is utilised to develop a smart government administration system offering one-stop and non-stop streamlined services to enterprises as well as the general public.

Smart Security

Smart sensing technology is used to monitor households, communities and other required areas for safety and security.

Smart Transportation

ICT, electronic sensor and modulation technology will be employed for a smart transportation system to ease traffic congestion and support safe, speedy and hassle-free travel.

Smart Education

Innovative course design and a smart learning environment to promote long-distance e-learning and other pedagogical methods towards life-long learning.

Smart Building

Intelligent sensor and control technology will be deployed to optimise the energy consumption of homes, buildings and communities to foster a people-oriented environment. Buildings in SSGKC will be green certified some of which will be LEED compliant.

Smart Utility Service

SSGKC will exploit the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimise water, electricity and gas management to respond to real time needs.

Smart Medical Care

Through IoT and system integration, medical care service providers can utilise a smart medical care system which will integrate interaction between patients, medical services providers, institutions and equipment

Eco City

The SSGKC will be an Eco City, integrating urban planning with energy efficiency, water efficiency and other sustainability solutions. All buildings in SSGKC will have to comply with a Green Building Standards established for the City, and the transportation system will include the use of electric / hybrid vehicles. As part of its efforts to be a premier hub for environmental and Eco City features and solutions, SSGKC will also feature many selected Eco City related technologies and solutions, with relevant R&D, commercialisation of new ideas and product development.

Green Ecology and Site

The development of SSGKC is set amidst the surrounding Maofeng and Fuhe mountains, where we have retained the important channels for wildlife migration while maintaining the local biological diversity. Construction and site management will also be planned and executed with minimal environmental pollution.

Green Building

Buildings in SSGKC will be designed to be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient by having to comply with the City’s Green Building Standards from design to construction, operation and maintenance. This requires close cooperation of the design team, architects, engineers, and the client. Green buildings will reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment through the efficient use of energy, water, and other resources, protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity, and at the same time reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

Green Energy

SSGKC seeks to promote electricity produced from solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, biomass and low-impact small hydroelectric sources so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will also utilise the Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) system that allows the heat that would normally be lost in the power generation process to be recovered to provide needed heating and/or cooling. This allows for much greater improvement in overall fuel efficiency, resulting in lower costs and carbon emissions.

Green Utility Service

SSGKC will construct an integrated pipeline system to reduce the impact of utility works on the public. Waste sorting systems and vacuum garbage collection will also be a feature of SSGKC’s sanitation service.

Green Transportation

The City plans to develop and use energy efficient and environmental friendly electric buses and vehicles, smart recharging systems, metro, inter-city rail and public transportation systems.


The SSGKC will be a Learning City that will provide the foundation for transformation into a knowledge-based economy. All residents of SSGKC will have access to information resources and quality educational opportunities. New technologies and innovative teaching methodologies will combine to nurture a literate, well-informed community committed to life-long learning in SSGKC.

An International Industry, Education and Research and Development (R&D) Base

As an important platform of Learning City, an international industry, education and R&D Hub will be built with the latest education technology including video-conference based lecture system, modern lecture theatres, classrooms, discussion rooms, a high-end library and other facilities. This platform will attract world-class universities, learning institutions and research companies to establish graduate schools, professional schools, colleges, higher training institutions, research institutes to conduct their programmes here and provide local students access to top class education and knowledge. Also, the platform will provide support for the new technologies and talent training needed for industrial development.

Research and Training for Knowledge Economy

SSGKC will collaborate with Singapore academic institutions in the research, consultancy, and teaching of the economic transformation and restructuring and industrial upgrading.

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