Action Conquers the Fear: Kumar Naresh

Kumar Naresh, Founder & CEO – BrokersADDA

Kumar did his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science from Motilal Nehru National Institute Of Technology. Later, he went on to pursue Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing from Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Kumar observed that there is a significant gap between a real estate broker and buyer. His entrepreneurial zeal led him to conceptualize BrokersADDA, which is a portal dedicated to real estate industry in order to build world’s largest real estate community.

Kumar Naresh is the Founder & CEO at BrokersADDA where brokers and buyers can network and can do real estate business. Buyers can search for a broker of their city/locality and can then start communication. What he found most challenging is that Brokers community is that they are not very tech savvy so it was a challenge to get them on the site and keep them engaged.

Here are some querries from ABT team

How does BrokersADDA help customers find the right housing?
BrokersADDA is a Networking platform where customers can search for the best Broker and can start communication with them.

Tell us how BrokersADDA ranks in the Online Realty Industry in India?
Its a new entrant but within one year it is already considered to be at the top on the Networking platform for Brokers and customers.

Where do you see BrokersADDA three years down the line?
The new version is already on the way and we are in the process of making it an international platform where Customers can search for the most suitable Brokers of their area.  We aim to be known as a leading portal that provides information to buyers & a platform to Real Estate Brokers to connect with customers.

What according to you will help India achieve the goal of providing affordable housing?
A strong regulatory body and lower home loan interest rate is the need of the hour. Only this can ensure some sustained solution to the issue of affordable housing in India.

Do you see any pattern in your customers?
Customers are always looking for a reliable Broker who can help them in finding their dream home. Here comes into the picture and helps them to find one. As per our experience, most of the customers are first timers who are looking to buy their first home.

Where do most of your users come from?
Presently we are focusing on Indian market only. 90% of the users are from Metro cities. Other Tier 2 towns are fast catching up and nos are increasing.