DSC07101Prof.R.S.S.Mani – Vice President, Institutional Development at ITM Group shares his views on the Indian Education and his experience. Speaking with BERG Team, Prof. Mani, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2nd BERG Education Awards 2015 held at Singapore, talks about some of the emerging trends & the need of the hour.

“The world of education is changing very rapidly in the last couple of years. There is a great emphasis on continuous learning and a lot of people want to learn anything that interest them, at anytime they choose to. This actually has led to Continuous Online Learning methods. Here is a situation where the Institution is actually going to the learner and not the traditional method where the learning goes to the Institutions. This has given birth to online education programs, flexible learning systems, learning over weekends and learning at one’s pace.

This has led to challenges as well. There is this question which comes up frequently – is the learning more important or the Certification or Degree of importance today. Is it enough what I know, and is there enough that I know which I can put to practice .Or is it important that beyond knowing & putting into practice, will certification be ultimately the most important thing. These are the questions that we are finding answers to.

There are a lot of efforts between the academia & the corporate world to find the solution. We all know that at Institutions of higher education, our job is to make the student employable & job ready.  Another trend that we are noticing is that quick turnaround time to find jobs is on the rise, through short term skilling & guaranteed employability. This as a model for young generation who wants to be independent quickly & earn his own living, makes good sense. But over a period of time, these students must remember, that to build a strong career, they must invest time & efforts for learning on a continuous basis.Some of this learning can happen in classroom & some can happen online.

I am sure that all the collective efforts would definitely contribute towards taking India to a much brighter future, that all of us visualize for our generations to come.