benningerSingapore, 24 July 2015: Pune, India-based architect Prof. Christopher Benninger, 72, was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Singapore-based Business Excellence and Research Group. He was awarded for designing landmark projects in India. Currently, he is designing the Institute of Technology at Hyderabad and Bajaj Institute of Technology near Nagpur.

In his acceptance speech he thanked BERG and said, “It is a great honour to receive this lifetime achievement award in a country like Singapore which we all look up to. It is a country which is very good at urban plans and designs.” Prof. Benninger added that Indian authorities should ideally focus on making 100 existing cities smart instead of building 100 new smart ones. He argued that India has about 300 cities, each with more than half a million population and that he was in favour of making 100 of these 300 cities smart.

The Chairman of BERG Advisory Board Thomas McMahon in his address said, “The (Indian real estate) sector plays a critical role for managing India’s rapidly urbanising population. BERG aims to provide an international thought leadership platform in this process.”

The BERG Singapore awards, held annually, recognises the contribution of developers, architects and interior designers in India.