About Us

Business Excellence & Research Group Pte Ltd (BERG), is a Singapore-based entity committed to nurturing and promoting business excellence across diverse sectors. In this quest, BERG has gone on to establish thought leadership platforms over the past three years since its inception. Among the areas of focus thus far have been-

  • Urbanisation, Sustainable Development & Real Estate
  • Skill Development, Lifelong Learning & Education
  • Entrepreneurship & Startup Ecosystems
  • Wellness & Healthcare

The manifestation of the various initiatives have been in the form of summits, conferences, business networking sessions and recognition through awards. Combined with a sustained communication process in the international media and through in-house knowledge initiatives like the AsiaBizToday, the effort is to have an ongoing dialogue in these areas and be a catalyst to find practical solutions.

BERG’s Advisory Board & Executive Team brings together people with diverse international experience & expertise. Headquartered in Singapore, BERG finds representation in some of the key emerging markets of Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam.

Vision & Mission


To be a knowledge sharing partner for all ventures that are focussed on innovation, collaboration and sustainability.


BERG’s primary mission is to recognise and reward excellence, innovation and sustainability in all spheres of business. We believe in deep collaboration, self-honesty and the courage to be agents of change